Untracked Film Festival - Amsterdam
Calling all adventures, skiers, snowboarders, surfers, mountain bikers, hikers, climbers, all explorers:

Are you ready for a new adventure? Ready to make set some fresh tracks? Do something, explore somewhere, and experience something new?

Come join us at the Untracked Festival where the adventures Mother Nature allows us to go on are shared and celebrated with friends, old and new. Come see, meet and be inspired by the explorers, filmers and photographers who go out there.

During the evening of the 6th of October you’ll be able to tag along on adventures through short and full feature films. From the highest snowy peaks, through the wild forests and in to the rolling ocean, come explore and get inspired for your next adventure!

But it doesn’t stop on the big screen: check out the latest product, get a chance to win fresh gear before and during the festival through social media and off course grab a beer together with you friends.

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